I’m Getting 500 Error. What can I do now?

Asaduzzaman Abir

Last Update 3 jaar geleden

​There are some common reasons to getting this error. You can follow this solutions.

​- If you are using any local server / localhost then you will get this due to memory limit. So, please increase your memory limit then try again.

​- If not, please try to deactivate the ‘One Click Demo Import Plugin’ and reactivate it. After that try to import the demo again.

​- ​If not then try to use a fresh WordPress install and try to Import the demos again.

- If not, Try to change the PHP versions

- If not, then please contact your hosting provider.

Note: You can try on a staging server. Like https://tastewp.com/

If you get working LocalPress on https://tastewp.com/ then please change your hosting provider.

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